Communion Sweet Trees

Its Communion time again! 
Our favourite Communion treat this year is a lovely marshmallow sweet-tree!
Our one here was done using a silver bucket and decorative moss to add some colour to the tree. Using white marshmallows we kept the colour of the occasion, but of course you can add a bit of colour with some brightly coloured ribbon either!
We used 2 inches squared of lace behind each marshmallow to really fill out the space and give it a nice full look. To decorate the dowel we used some 25mm white ribbon, roughly, a metre and a half (always better to have a bit more than a bit less), and we wrapped it around and glued the bottom with the glue gun. The moss hides the little bit at the bottom. To add a bit more to it, we added flowing bits of ribbon to three sides of it, about a metre, and pin it up using a bead and sequins pin. We used a lovely communion ribbon, white with gold writing, here to decorate, subtle but effective. 
The great thing about this is that it can be used again, just take off the poly ball and you can use the pot and dowel all over again! (It's okay, we won't tell!)
All products we used to make ours are in store, plus so many more bits and pieces to help you personalize your sweet-tree!

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