Style Up your Shoes

You can create this awesome glittery effect on any shoes but it works particularly well on canvas pumps or trainers.

Simply mix two table spoons of Mod Podge Decoupage Glue with good quality glitter.( we used Impex high quality glitter)  Add enough glitter to ensure the glue is paste-like. Apply to the shoe and allow to dry. The glitter will appear white until all the Mod Podge is dry. Apply thickly to ensure a good finish.

Decorate the the rest of the pumps with fabric paint or markers ( we used Edding Textil markers and Lero Glow in the Dark liner)  and swap laces for a vibrant ribbon. One metre of ribbon per pump is plenty. We used fuschia and red organdie from the Celebrate range.

All materials are available instore

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