How to Create a Sewing Jar

How to Create a Sewing Jar

You’ll need a clean jam jar, a circle of card cut to fit on the lid, scrap of cotton fabric, piece of felt, some wadding and some sewing notions. 

Place the wadding on the top of the circle of card and lay the scrap of fabric over it. Gently turn over and stitch the fabric on the reverse of the card, pulling tightly to ensure a smooth finish. This is your pin cushion and you can glue this to the lid of the jam jar. Tie a piece of ribbon around the edge for a neater finish. 

Attach a few needles to the piece of felt. Inside the jar add some buttons, scraps of ribbon, a reel of black and white thread, measuring tape and odds and ends such as snap fasteners and a small scissors.

 Voila! You now have a beautiful emergency sewing kit- great to have at home or give as a gift.

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