How To Create a Sweet Tree

A sweet tree is a lovely addition to any party, communion or wedding. You can be extravagant and use Ferrero Rocher for a glamorous feel or how about marshmallows or jellies for a fun birthday party! They look great but are very easy to create yourself.

You will need :
Polystyrene Ball ( we used 15cm )
Wooden Dowel
Metal Bucket
Craft Plaster 

How to make it :

  1. Mix the plaster and pour into the bucket. Allow to set but push the dowel into the plaster when it  has started to harden . Do NOT add the dowel too late or it will crack already hardened plaster. Ensure the dowel is straight.
  2. Push the top of the dowel into the ball when the plaster has fully set.
  3. If using covered sweets add them to the ball using cocktail sticks or a glue gun. Be careful though , don't melt the chocolate.
  4. If using unwrapped sweets, cover the ball in cellophane first. Attach the sweets using cocktail sticks or royal icing. 
  5. Add coloured ribbons around to the dowel and tie a big bow with a matching ribbon. 
  6. Cover the exposed plaster with loose wrapped sweets or coloured pebbles if you have no sweets left. 
Tip :  If using unwrapped sweets or cocktail sticks always try to make the tree as close as possible to the party to avoid the sweets going stale 

Tip 2 : Always buy more sweets than you think you might need. It takes 90 Ferrero Rocher to cover a 15cm Ball

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