step by step - ribbon polystyrene tutorial

cut 25mm ribbon into 50mm strips. You need approx 3 metres for a 7cm ball

Place a small patch of fabric at the top. This is not absolutly nessecary and any ribbon or fabric will do. But if your top pieces are not even it will hide the polystyrene
Place one piece at the centre and put a pin in the centre
Fold the sides in and pin into place to form a triangle
Repeat this three more times, placing the ribbons at north, south , east and west
Repeat again on the next row moving down around a cm or so
Fill in the spaces with four more pieces, This and all other rows will have 8 pieces
Repeat until you have reached as near to the base as possible. Usually 5 rows.

When all rows are complete your decoration will look like this.
It is not possible to work till the end as the ball is getting smaller. Cover the base in sequins instead

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