Christmas Week opening Hours

If you're planning on visiting us over Christmas please check out our updated opening hours

Christmas  Opening Hours 
MONDAY  December 19th                       9am - 9pm                                9am - 630pm
TUESDAY  December 20th                       9am - 9pm                                9am - 630pm                                 
WEDNESDAY  December 21st                  9am - 10pm                               9am - 700pm           
THURSDAY     December 22nd                 9am- 10pm                                 9am - 700pm       
FRIDAY    December 23rd                         9am - 10pm                                9am - 700pm   
SATURDAY  December 24th                      9am - 5pm                                 9am - 630pm  
TUESDAY December 28th                         10am - 6pm                                 10am - 530pm 
WEDNESDAY December 29th                    9am - 9pm                                   9am - 530pm 
THURSDAY December 30th                        9am - 9pm                                   9am - 630pm 
NEW YEARS EVE                                      9am - 6pm                                   9am - 530pm 
SUNDAY     January 2nd                             11am - 6pm                                11am - 530pm  

Crochet an Adorable Mermaid Tail Blanket

Have you seen the latest "must have" Christmas gift?  Mermaid Blankets have been so popular in 2016 and you can easily create one yourself. We made our baby one from a pattern on Ravelry created by user Jersey Ali. The pattern is available as a free download from her page

It's a simple pattern to follow using treble and shell stitch and as it's for a baby, quick to stitch up. We did make some changes however.... we extended the fins to make them appear more elegant and extended the length as it was just too short for any babies we knew! 

Ours was created using aran wool by Habico ( available instore) and used approximately 100 grams of wool. For an older baby or child just extend the length and add a few extra stitches to make it wider. 

December Opening Hours

We've extended our opening hours in the run up to Christmas

December Opening Hours 

MONDAY                        9am - 9pm                                9am - 630pm
TUESDAY                        9am - 9pm                                9am - 630pm                                 
WEDNESDAY                  9am - 9pm                                9am - 700pm           
THURSDAY                      9am- 9pm                                 9am - 700pm       
FRIDAY                             9am - 9pm                                9am - 700pm   
SATURDAY                       9am - 7pm                                9am - 630pm     
SUNDAY                           9am - 6pm                                9am - 530pm