Christmas Week opening Hours

If you're planning on visiting us over Christmas please check out our updated opening hours

Christmas  Opening Hours 
MONDAY  December 19th                       9am - 9pm                                9am - 630pm
TUESDAY  December 20th                       9am - 9pm                                9am - 630pm                                 
WEDNESDAY  December 21st                  9am - 10pm                               9am - 700pm           
THURSDAY     December 22nd                 9am- 10pm                                 9am - 700pm       
FRIDAY    December 23rd                         9am - 10pm                                9am - 700pm   
SATURDAY  December 24th                      9am - 5pm                                 9am - 630pm  
TUESDAY December 28th                         10am - 6pm                                 10am - 530pm 
WEDNESDAY December 29th                    9am - 9pm                                   9am - 530pm 
THURSDAY December 30th                        9am - 9pm                                   9am - 630pm 
NEW YEARS EVE                                      9am - 6pm                                   9am - 530pm 
SUNDAY     January 2nd                             11am - 6pm                                11am - 530pm  

Crochet an Adorable Mermaid Tail Blanket

Have you seen the latest "must have" Christmas gift?  Mermaid Blankets have been so popular in 2016 and you can easily create one yourself. We made our baby one from a pattern on Ravelry created by user Jersey Ali. The pattern is available as a free download from her page

It's a simple pattern to follow using treble and shell stitch and as it's for a baby, quick to stitch up. We did make some changes however.... we extended the fins to make them appear more elegant and extended the length as it was just too short for any babies we knew! 

Ours was created using aran wool by Habico ( available instore) and used approximately 100 grams of wool. For an older baby or child just extend the length and add a few extra stitches to make it wider. 

December Opening Hours

We've extended our opening hours in the run up to Christmas

December Opening Hours 

MONDAY                        9am - 9pm                                9am - 630pm
TUESDAY                        9am - 9pm                                9am - 630pm                                 
WEDNESDAY                  9am - 9pm                                9am - 700pm           
THURSDAY                      9am- 9pm                                 9am - 700pm       
FRIDAY                             9am - 9pm                                9am - 700pm   
SATURDAY                       9am - 7pm                                9am - 630pm     
SUNDAY                           9am - 6pm                                9am - 530pm  

Junior Ideas Christmas Workshop

Our next Junior Ideas workshop takes place on
 Sunday November 27th -   ongoing 11am to 4pm

Ages 5+ €5 per child
Workshops last approximately 25 minutes

No need to book - a parent/guardian must stay instore or cafe while the child is at the workshop

Christmas Wreaths

These Christmas Wreaths are so simple to make...

To make the pom pom wreath we used the small, medium and large pom pom maker from our Knit Pro set and made LOTS of assorted pom poms in red and green.

 We then glued them to a 35cm polystyrene wreath. EASY!

Our snowy wreath was created by crocheting a short scarf. Make a chain that will comfortably fit around a 25cm polystyrene ring. Then keep crocheting lines until the "scarf" is long enough to fit around the ring. When complete lay your ring on top of it, pin the sides together and stitch into place. Attach some white pom poms for a snowy setting

The Elf on the Shelf

Dance into the Season with The Elf on the Shelf. Santa's scout elves and Claus Couture available now online and instore 

Card Making with Ruth Hamilton

Come along to our free demonstration on Saturday November 12th and see how these beautiful cards were made.

Ruth Hamilton will be in store from 11 am until 4 pm using fantastic 
 Trimcraft products and her creative designs to inspire you

Instore Events November

November 2016

Free Instore Events 

Sat 12th: Card Making with Ruth Hamilton. Time: 11am- 4pm
Sat 19th: The Gemini Machine with Liz Hayes. Time: 11am- 4pm
Sat. 26th: docrafts Demonstration with Cliona Larkin.Time: 10am- 4pm

Junior Ideas Kids' Workshops
27th Nov: Christmas Santa Spoons
On going from 11am-4pm
5 euro per child. 5 years +
Workshops last approx. 25 minutes.
No booking required.A parent or guardian must remain instor


A big THANK YOU to everyone who came to visit us at this years Knitting and Stitching Show. We met some lovely people: some new , some we've known for years.

Your support is very much appreciated !!

Instore Events this Autumn / Winter

Free Instore Demonstrations

Sat 15th: Quilted Halloween Doorhanger with Liz Hayes. Time: 11am- 4pm
20th - 23rd: Knitting and Stitching Show. RDS: Stand J55, see you there!
Sat 29th: Pumpkin Carving Demonstation. Time: 11am- 4pm
Sun 30th: Facepainting. Time: 12pm- 2pm


Sat 12th: Card Making with Ruth Hamilton. Time: 11am- 4pm
Sat 19th: The Gemini Machine with Liz Hayes. Time: 11am- 4pm
Sat. 26th: docrafts Demonstration with Cliona Larkin.Time: 10am- 4pm


Sat. 3rd: Hamper and Gift Wrapping Demonstration. Time: 11am- 4pm
Junior Ideas Kids' Workshops
2nd Oct: Halloween Tote Bag
9th Oct: Halloween Wreath
16th Oct: Halloween Lantern
23rd Oct: Halloween Pumpkin Mask
27th Nov: Christmas Santa Spoons
On going from 11am-4pm
5 euro per child.
5 years +
Workshops last approx. 25 minutes.
No booking required.
A parent or guardian must remain instore

Knitting and Stitching Show 2016

The highlight of the Irish crafting year ! 

Once again we'll be taking part so visit us on Stand J55 for great ideas, inspiration and new products.

Beat the queues and buy your tickets in advance at code EX16 online for a discount !

Junior Ideas Childrens Workshops

Our first workshop of the season !! SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 25TH 11AM - 4PM Bring your junior crafters along and relax instore while they get creative. All materials supplied and there's no need to book. Just pop in and take a seat and crafting !
Ages 5+ - €5 per child. Workshops last approximatly 25 minutes

We're a Craft Award nominee !!

A huge Thank You to everyone who nominated us in the "Best Local Independent Craft Store" category in the 2016 Craft Awards. Please take a moment and vote for us to win :-)


Summers Nearly Over - It's Back to School and College Time !

 Can you believe summer is nearly over ?
If you have children heading back to school
we have lots of those essential but hard to find items instore.

 We stock nearly all the items you need for Home Economics or Art  and lots of them
are on special offer for a limited time ! 

Decopatch Frame

 Decopatch and Cern Glass Frame How-To
With the weather after changing, its time, once again to think about what crafty projects you can do. Well- look no further.
With this quick decopatch how-to, you'll pass some of the time and end up with a stylish frame at the end of it.
This frame has a 3D effect, using decopatch on both sides of the glass!

You'll need:
-Glass Frame
-Two sheets decopatch paper
-Mod Podge glue (we used Gloss)
-Cern Outliner

Step One:
Decopatch roughly around the edge of where the photograph will be, try and cover any of the overlap onto the frame. Don't go the whole way over because you want to be able to see the decopatch through the edges of the glass.
Step Two:
Once dry, turn thh frame around and stick the decopatch paper design side up (I'm going to call this reverse decopatch!), and go the whole way around the back of the frame. You can use as many different types of paper as you like, so you can get your funky designs!
Step Three:
When all the decopatch is dry, seal it using your Mod Podge, and leave again to dry.
Step Four:
Take your cern outliner(we used the gold), and on the front of the frame, draw around all the top layer of the decopatch, this will really make that top layer stand out! After you've finished that, extend the lines over the decopatch thats on the back of the frame. So the cern will be on the front of the glass with the decopatch visible behind it. This will give it a jigsaw effect!

These frames make a fashionable addition to any bedroom! And all the products used here are available in store! 

Communion Sweet Trees

Its Communion time again! 
Our favourite Communion treat this year is a lovely marshmallow sweet-tree!
Our one here was done using a silver bucket and decorative moss to add some colour to the tree. Using white marshmallows we kept the colour of the occasion, but of course you can add a bit of colour with some brightly coloured ribbon either!
We used 2 inches squared of lace behind each marshmallow to really fill out the space and give it a nice full look. To decorate the dowel we used some 25mm white ribbon, roughly, a metre and a half (always better to have a bit more than a bit less), and we wrapped it around and glued the bottom with the glue gun. The moss hides the little bit at the bottom. To add a bit more to it, we added flowing bits of ribbon to three sides of it, about a metre, and pin it up using a bead and sequins pin. We used a lovely communion ribbon, white with gold writing, here to decorate, subtle but effective. 
The great thing about this is that it can be used again, just take off the poly ball and you can use the pot and dowel all over again! (It's okay, we won't tell!)
All products we used to make ours are in store, plus so many more bits and pieces to help you personalize your sweet-tree!

Have a look at our fantastic Flower Pot Man that the kids created last Sunday in the Junior Ideas Children's Workshop! Made using polystyrene eggs, mini flower pots and pipecleaners! Absolutely adorable little piece for coming into the sunny months!
Our next Children's Workshop is on the 29th of May, and the theme is Father's Day! Make sure to RSVP here so you don't miss out!
Happy Crafting!

Junior Ideas Spring 2016

Our next set of Childrens Workshops will be held on
Sunday April 24th
Sunday May 29th

Come along and join a session
No need to book
Sessions last approximately 25 minutes & a parent/guardian must remain instore

€5 per session

Easy Easter Bonnets

We made this simple Easter bonnet from Funky Foam

Simply cut a kidney shape from a large sheet of foam, large enough that it will cover your childs head

Decorate one side - we used Decopatch paper and Mod Podge

Stick a length of ribbon across the decorated side- make sure it is long enough to tie in a bow

Add any special finishes - we added a lace trim so it looked like a traditional bonnet

Easter Craft Inspiration

Check out some amazing Easter projects you can make yourself!

Junior Ideas is back!

Junior Ideas Children's Workshops are back for another season. The first one will take place on February 28th and where all the children will create a unique and fun Mother's Day Card or if they prefer they can turn it into a birthday card etc

Workshops last approximately 25 minutes and cost €5 per child.

 No need to book just come along and take a seat. ( a parent or guardian must be in the store or cafe while the child takes part)